TBD, Eindhoven, NL
Friday, 16 October 2020

Spatial Design: Maximizing Use & Value of Space in Shared Living Models

As blended living models grow in popularity and demand across the globe, the form and functions of these built environments are often led by designing the optimal communal spaces and services. Beyond creating exceptional interiors, spatial design communicates a brand’s concept and influences how people interact within a space. In community-driven shared living models such as coliving, student accommodation and hybrid hospitality, vibrant communal spaces very much determine their operational success. The key is to create spaces where relationships are forming seemingly organically, and private and communal areas are being utilized to their fullest potential. At The Class Academy, we will accelerate knowledge exchange as our community learns from real-life cases that drive spatial design solutions forward to cultivate community and maximize efficiency and effective in physical spaces.
1. Shared living (I.e. coliving, PBSA, hybrid hotel) architects, inhouse designers, consultants and brand managers
2. Shared living operational and community managers responsible for maintaining, improving, maximizing the use and value of the space and place
3. New shared living concept developers
4. Real estate service and product suppliers for shared living models
1. Grasp spatial design principals for community building and space optimization in coliving, student accommodation, hybrid hospitality and blended living typologies
2. Understand your user experience and how to optimize the customer journey through design
3. Strengthen ‘space as a service’ concept in strategy development and implementation
4. Find the optimal balance of private and communal spaces for your people, place and planet
5. Create high use and high value community