The Frontiers of Urban Living

New players are disrupting existing industries to shape urban living. Community-focused, tech-savvy developments focused on high-quality design create opportunities for the investor and developer to initiate products that challenge what is currently on offer in major cities. What knowledge is driving investment in urban living innovations? What models work so far and what projects and innovations are the insiders working on? How and why is this industry complexifying and which models will take hold?

The Future is Blended

Shifts in lifestyles and habits of Gen-Z and other nomadic generations are challenging traditional housing preferences around the world. This has resulted in an influx of hybrid living models that offer flexible spaces and amenities. How are our shared urban living models blending together? What models provide the much needed affordable living options and which cities have regulations and reforms that enable innovation? What are the drivers influencing how students and young talent are living? What brands and investor consortia are becoming the global leaders? With scarcity of land and rising costs will single use property be replaced mixed-use projects that offer intergenerational live-work-learn communities?

Knowledge Cities: Innovation Districts and the Urban Campus

Urban innovation hubs are the new urban campuses, with innovation and entrepreneurship at their core. Diverse players in major European cities are initiating projects geared towards building districts in which inhabitants live, work and learn together – building communities that drive cities forward. Developing such projects requires well-developed visions and strong partnerships. Here we hear the stories of some at the forefront of this development. What will be the role of city governments, investment partnerships, industry and universities in shaping and managing these future urban districts?

Fast-Forward: What’s Next for European Higher Education?

As Europe grapples with its relationship with a globalised world, contrasting visions of the place of the university in society emerge. As localism and borderless models gain traction and new learning pathways are activated by technology, what are the opportunities and purpose for higher education in across European societies? What technological innovations are expanding access to education globally and how are changes in learning environments shaping attitudes and perceptions of higher education? What futures are possible for the European university and how will these influence talent geographies of European cities and regions?

German Student Living: Respecting Legacy, Building for the Future

Germany continues to be a top choice for international and domestic students, with high-quality education and low fees. Meanwhile, the tense housing market puts pressure on students in need of accommodation during studies and beyond. This panel will explore the legacy, current reality and future opportunities for student living in German cities.

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