From Space to Place

The new urban campus comes in to existence with a refined balance between construction and placemaking. The role of architecture and design in student living is extensive as today’s global student pursues an experience-driven lifestyle facilitated by a tailored and integrated environment. Dimensions, lighting and aesthetics contribute to a sense of belonging, and when blended with public space embedded in the wider urban fabric, create a sense of community. How do architects and designers contribute to the student living experience and wellbeing? How do changing student preferences direct redevelopment projects and transform existing neighbourhoods into exciting new urban campuses?

Energising Gen Y

Technology in student accommodation can contribute to social impact and a complete, connected student experience, as well as nudge pro-environmental behaviour in student living. Different experiences and perspectives on sustainability in purpose built student accommodation will be exchanged varying from energy, service providers and housing provider and policy makers. What is the current and future role of technology in student accommodation, how do changing student preferences direct technology provision in student housing, what does sustainability in student housing look like, and how can students and other residents be encouraged or steered towards sustainable behaviour?

Addressing Anxiety

This panel will explore the keys to addressing mental health issues among students, from a policy perspective to real-life, practical insights. Students today face a demanding academic environment in a time of rapidly changing circumstances and an increasingly competitive and technologically integrated world. Impressive academic performances, a blossoming social life, managing a budget around tuition and living costs and building a strong cv – these are all goals and concerns that students are dealing with and can lead to worrying health concerns. How can housing officers, residence managers and housing providers adequately respond to these newly emerging challenges and best serve a diversifying student population?

Platformisation of Things

Undersupplied markets have become a destination for larger residential projects as of late, but limited availability of purpose-built accommodation has contributed to a strong platformisation trend. The rapid increase in student mobility exacerbates an already profound shortage of student accommodation throughout Europe. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of dedicated, ‘integrated’ web platforms, which promise to address evolving student needs (i.e. online booking, trusted third-parties, avirtual apartment viewings).  What kind of preferences do platforms see in the booking behavior of students? What is expected to change in PBSA markets across Europe and what role will housing platforms have in future? And what can we learn from succesfull online education platforms?

The Start-up Programme

Together with specialist internet service provider ASK4 the Start-Up Programme was launched, in order to provide a platform and support for PropTech and EdTech start-ups revolutionizing student living. The Start-Up Programmeacknowledges the start-ups developing products or services that enhance the student experience, the future of learning, and the transition to a working career in an unprecedented way.  Every month, The Class Research Team selects the best start-up among the applications, and the best 4 Start-ups will blow you away with their main stage pitch at The Conference.

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