The Netherlands Regional Session

June 6, 2019


Fred. Roeskestraat 100
1076 ED Amsterdam

The city and the campus: time to invest in talent

Increased EU targets for research spending, a paucity of domestic education funding and concerns about the accessibility of higher education have inspired recent conversations surrounding how best to support innovation and economic growth in the Netherlands. But investment in knowledge doesn’t stop at researchers and technology.
Investing in talented minds requires establishing ecosystems to accommodate them during studies and beyond, a reality made more urgent by ambitious university admissions targets. With its thirteen research universities consistently ranked in the top 250 worldwide, The Netherlands continues to draw international students and young professionals with inexpensive English-taught coursesand excellent job prospects.  This emerging generation of students and young professionals require inspiring facilities in which to learn, research, live and work. Accommodating, retaining and maximising the catalytic benefits of talent in Dutch university-cities will therefore require collaboration, strong partnerships and significant financial investment in the built environment.
What options do cash-strapped universities have to leverage resources towards improving campus facilities? How is technology changing the demands on/opportunities for educational facilities? What opportunities do urban campus districts hold for investors? What role do cities, universities and accommodation providers play in making the Netherlands an attractive place to study, innovate or grow a business? What will the Dutch university-city of the future look like?


  1. The Netherlands continues to attract highly skilled internationals as a ‘value-for-money’ destination. Students and young professionals come for excellent academic institutions, an attractive quality of life and welcoming political climate. The biggest challenges for internationals moving to (and staying in) The Netherlands include securing affordable housing, finding an inclusive community and landing a job.
  2. While the concept of a ‘campus’ in The Netherlands is limited to a few key examples, higher education institutions, businesses and housing providers continue to make Amsterdam itself a campus.
  3. There are exciting opportunities to regenerate while increasing the supply of student accommodation through adding beds outside of city centres, but doing so successfully will require careful deliberation in keeping the campus open, mitigating time and travel costs and managing student expectations.
  4. The future of PBSA might include an increasing role of technology in resident management, increased emphases on sustainability and wellness and modular building.
  5. We will likely see more blending of student accommodation and young professional living as investor-operators pursue the potential widening target groups has in The Netherlands.


Trends Panel

This panel discussion will take on a new format for The Class. Paired representatives from media, higher education and student accommodation will share their perspectives on talent attraction and retention in The Netherlands. Who invests in bringing talent to The Netherlands and how? What infrastructure is needed to make the Netherlands an attractive place to live, learn and work?

Sander Lapré

Director Shared Services

Hotelschool The Hague

Jessica Peters-Hondelink


Nyenrode Business University Amsterdam

Dimphy van Wijk

Head of Real Estate Benelux

The Student Hotel

Loek van Doorn


Hotel Jansen

Nikos Nakos


IamExpat Media

Robin Pascoe

Owner and Editor

Yoony Kim

Managing Director

The Class of 2020


Arnold Persoon

Managing Director (Europe)



Investment Panel

This panel will provide an overview of PBSA developments in the Dutch market: major new projects and transactions, yields/ROIs, demand-supply imbalances, differences in investment interest by location, shifting student demands and product type.

Hero Knol

Director Specialist Markets Valuation and Advisory Services



Annisa Dian Prima

Investment Manager


Leo Hertog

Senior Portfolio Manager Real Estate

APG Asset Management


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