Italy Summit


Thursday, 2 July 2020


The urban campus as the driver of change

In 2018, The Class of 2020 and our partners investigated several abandoned and under-used urban areas to advise the City of Milano on transforming them for 21st Century urban regeneration based on authenticity, flexibility, and connectedness. At the time of the advisory, benchmarks indicated that Italy was far behind other European countries in attractiveness to international students. Milan suffered from a severe shortage of professionalised student housing. Through spearheading public-private cooperation and connecting our partners’ expertise with local stakeholders, the advisory provided policy recommendations for zoning, affordability, and higher education to help the city unleash its potential as a talent hub. We return to Milan to see how it has progressed.
During our Italy Summit, we will bring together the experts to discuss:
  • How has increased provision made the city more attractive to international students?
  • How can former industrial areas make use of existing infrastructure and architecture to create fine-grained and quality urban experiences?
  • How will this contribute to more resilient long-term investments for real estate players throughout Italy and who can be the key players?


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