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Social interaction and connecting with fellow students in a living and learning environment is the key to success. We create this environment by providing intelligent, thought-out spaces which are safe, secure and well managed by our residency living team.

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Pre-arrival for Sodexo is about students meeting our staff, speaking with our residency living team, viewing their new home away from home (either physically or virtually) and engaging with our Student Living app.

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Upon departure, we wish our student residents a fond farewell. We want to take the opportunity to get feedback on students’ time in our residences. We hope that students have created and sustained a space and place of home and leave with a lasting positive impression.

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Arrival is about a seamless transition for students. From concierge services to our family zone, our staff is focused on answering queries and reducing any stress student and parent may be experiencing. We want students to feel at home from day one.

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This report was made possible
with the support of:

Tom Martin
Residency Living Manager

Tom is a highly experienced residency living manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. He is skilled in event planning, customer service, counseling, crisis management and operations. His care ethic guides his lens on provision and operation of student residences at Sodexo.

I loved how easy everything was to find and how supportive staff were. The reception area was where I spent nights doing work or playing pool and it had everything I could have needed. 


“The Student Living by Sodexo family have managed student accommodation for over 25 years within both university and private residences. There’s a genuine empathy and care that’s inherent in our people which helps to realise our mission, which is to deliver a home from home service in a safe and secure environment, supporting students as they develop into young adults who thrive as individuals and make lifelong connections. 

 We do this by weaving our facilities management services with pastoral services as our standard way of working. And we are excited to evolve our service further with the development of our overarching residency living model, Student +, which underpins our ability and desire to create communities that care. 

We measure our success through SkyFactor, a global residency living survey, which enables us to understand our successes and areas for development. This allows us to ensure that our teams are continually reflecting and growing.

Our people make our business and they are the heart beat that delivers our pioneering residency living offer, enhancing the quality of life and experiences of our residents. Our residency living model is built around our core mission of improving the Quality of Life of those we serve. Student living by Sodexo has developed our residency living model with our changing demographic of students in mind. We tailor our events to be inclusive and ensure that we have tangible outcomes which are continually reviewed. 

Today’s students are the next generation of role models and innovators; they are pioneers, trendsetters, adventurers, philosophers, artists, teachers and scientists. Our communities are where they live, learn and grow into their future roles within the university and the wider community. From the moment a student applies to live with us, they are guided through their journey with tailored welcome experiences, exclusive events and dedicated support throughout every step of the student journey. 

quality of life dimensions for operating and providing student residences

In recent years mental health has become a topic at the forefront of political, sociological and economical interest with media outlets, academic professionals and even members of the Royal Family discussing this on an increasing basis. 

For example, at Student Living by Sodexo, we place equal importance on mental health and physical health. Our team is trained in mental health first aid, mental health awareness and, when possible, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIS). Our overarching aim is to support students throughout their journey, from pre-arrival, arrival, living and departure, by providing an environment that supports positive health and wellbeing and creates a community. Creating communities that care is at the very heart of our residence life and residential living work.

We create a ‘home from home’ atmosphere where students can comfortably live and learn. Our sites are small communities and we aim to also engage the larger community across our buildings. We often play host to ‘site nights’ where all of our sites come together and undertake a range of initiatives and programmes aimed at engaging students and staff, including: ‘speed friending’, salsa nights and our new ‘flat chats’ initiatives. These initiatives allow our staff to visit every two weeks with a specific topic such as sleep hygiene and making friends, all to boost social connections. 

In essence, we and others we have learned with see a value in recognising students’ need to feel connected to our staff and peers. We recognise a need for students to trust our team in order to allow for students to open up about any issues or stresses that may be affecting their time at university. A small issue for one person may be all consuming for another, if it is important to our resident then it is important to us. We are proud to have a team who are passionate about delivering the best experience for our students ensuring they are proactively dealing with any concerns. Our people are what make our communities strong and our students succeed. 

Alongside programming and planning, education is a key focus of our residency living program. In the past punitive methods of dealing with unacceptable behaviour have left students in debt, upset and disgruntled with their living arrangements. We seek to educate and promote reflection and reflexivity of behaviours to ensure our residents understand how individual actions influence the wider community. 

Investing, caring and developing is our priority. We can help shape the students’ futures and ensure they have a blended community that allows them to grow as individuals and succeed in their studies. 

Throughout the year if I ever needed anybody to talk to or if I needed any help with anything the reception staff (Mark, Emma and Lisa) were always there! All the staff are very welcoming and positive all the time which made a huge difference to the stay at New Bridge Street.