The Class Conference

November 13, 2013


Hotel Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC Amsterdam

The Next European Renaissance

Having grown up in a world with all possible information at their fingertips, millennials are responsible for changing entire industries with their technology skills. AirBnb has turned the hotel market upside down, Uber is challenging protective taxi laws in many cities, and with apps like Tinder even the concept of dating has been re-invented. But millennials are also experienced and critical consumers, choosing carefully the products and brands that match their identity and values.
This is true for universities and student housing as well. One size no longer fits all. The result is an emergence of student housing operators that build international brands, like Prime Student Living, The Student Hotel and Melon District – a dynamic similar to recent hotel industry innovation. Brands that match students’ values and embody an experience. The same is true for universities, clustering in international education networks and even going global themselves by opening branch campuses abroad. In this dynamic context, what can cities; universities and student housing operators do to attract talent? What does this mean for your business?



Rudy Stroink

President Urban Land Insitute (ULI)

Carolien Gehrels

Deputy Mayor City of Amsterdam

Andrea Gerosa

Founder ThinkYoung

Patricia Martinez

President Association of College and University Housing Officers International

Alexander van der Wel

Staff member at The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design

Carlo Ratti

Director of MIT Senseable City Lab

Daniel Piazolo

Managing Director IPD Investment Property Databank

Matthias Thomas


Baudouin Delaporte

Head of Residential Investment Gecina

Marcus Roberts

Head of Student Investment & Development Savills UK

David Chapman

Director General at WYSETC

Samuel Vetrak

CEO at StudentMarketing

Marcel Rasche


Michele da Silva

Sales and Marketing Director Britannia Student Services Ltd.

Niels van Deuren

Housing Anywhere

Stefano Lo Russo

Commissioner Regional Planning City of Turin

Alexandra den Heijer

Associate professor Department of Real Estate & Housing at TU Delft

Cristina Garcia Peri

Managing Director at Azora Capital

Bob Crompton

CEO at Knightbridge Student Housing UK

Xavier Jongen

Fund Director European Residential Funds at Bouwfonds Investment Management

Fabien Mollet–Vieville

Director General at Melon District

Juliano Antunes

Managing Director at Uliving Brazil

Frank Uffen

Marketing & Partnerships at The Student Hotel


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