The Class Conference

November 12, 2014


Hotel Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC Amsterdam

Millennials take the Spotlight

Having grown up in a world with all possible information at their fingertips, millennials are responsible for changing entire industries with their technology skills. AirBnb has turned the hotel market upside down, Uber is challenging protective taxi laws in many cities, and with apps like Tinder even the concept of dating has been re-invented. But millennials are also experienced and critical consumers, choosing carefully the products and brands that match their identity and values.
This is true for universities and student housing as well. One size no longer fits all. The result is an emergence of student housing operators that build international brands, like Prime Student Living, The Student Hotel and Melon District – a dynamic similar to recent hotel industry innovation. Brands that match students’ values and embody an experience. The same is true for universities, clustering in international education networks and even going global themselves by opening branch campuses abroad. In this dynamic context, what can cities; universities and student housing operators do to attract talent? What does this mean for your business?


Every time there is a disruption, there is a huge opportunity and the industries that have been embracing it are really starting to benefit from that. How can we create products, programmes or styles of learning or spaces for learning and innovation that can enhance the whole experience?  

Marti Wigder Grimminck

Chief Connector at International Connector

What student need today is not what they will need in 10 years time and what they needed 10 years ago isn’t what they need today, so times will have gonna got to change. 

Maureen McDermott

Student Accommodation Consultant

There is an umbilical link between study success and great quality accommodation. 

Tim Mitchell

CEO Europe at Global Student Accommodation Group



Rudy Stroink

President Urban Land Insitute (ULI)

Anne-Marie Engtoft Larsen

Member Board of Directors CBS

Marti Widger Grimminck

Chief Connector at International Connector

Martijn Vos

Senior Portfolio Manager of APG Asset Management

Alexander Van der Bellen

Commissioner for Universities and Research at the City of Vienna

Tim Mitchell

CEO Europe at Global Student Accommodation Group

Maureen McDermott

Student Accommodation Consultant

Hauke Brede

Member of the Executive Committee of Allianz Real Estate

Sean O’shea

CEO at University Partnership Program (UPP)

Richard Kington

Executive Member of CUBO, Director of Accommodation Services, University of Edinburgh

Monica Garay


Martin Johansson

Secretary General at Studentbostadsföretagen

Rainer Nonnengässer

Managing Director of MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Real Estate Consulting GmbH

Fabian Dudek

Founder of Nestpick

Hedwig Heinsman

Co-founder of DUS architects

Christophe LeBlanc

Business Development Manager Education North-Europe at VingCard Elsafe

Malik El Bay

Co-founder of Flatastic-App

Marcus Roberts

Head of Student Investment & Development Savills UK

Judi Seebus

Editor in Chief PropertyEU

Harald Hübl

Investment Director of value one Kapitalbeteiligung GmbH

Vincent Rouget

Managing Director ofPerella Weinberg Real Estate

Roman Diehl

Member of the Executive Board, Marketing & Sales at International Campus AG

Susan Goldstein

Director of Susan Goldstein Associates

Sean McKeown

Commercial Director Campus Living Villages UK


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