Ready for Graduation.

Amsterdam, 18-19 November 2020


The Class of 2020 community has reached 2020—our year of Graduation. Graduation is a time for celebration and emerging talent to define their path, often moving to new cities for work, study, love and adventure. Graduate transitions provide opportunities for individuals, skills for organisations and talent for growing cities. But they also highlight challenges in housing supply, type and quality as cities find themselves distressed by their talent attraction agendas.

Since 2011, The Class of 2020 has set the agenda for the student housing market in European cities, we have connected new and existing operators with universities and regulators and we have committed stakeholders to work together. The industry has evolved. Universities have stepped up their investments in student experience. The private sector has achieved record investment in new forms of housing. Urban concepts such as coliving and coworking have gained traction with a renting generation eager for community and experience. Investment has been made in regenerating hubs to provide the kind of blended live-work-learn communities new generations seek.

The challenges for cities have also evolved. Over the past year, together with our community of partners and collaborators, we have confirmed the urgency of the global housing crisis in major cities. We have highlighted the importance of innovative solutions such as blended living typologies and the industry relevance portrayed by large investment ambitions over the coming years.

This year’s conference serves as an opportunity to shape the future of living, working and learning through the backbone of our agenda:

– The opportunities for investment in housing innovations
– International mobility
– Environmentally sustainable construction and operations
– Governance for housing challenges
– Policy for blended living typologies
– Innovation districts
– The urban campus

The Class of 2020 looks forward to graduating with our community.
We will continiously update this page when more information becomes avaliable. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact Eleonora.